LaTisha is a mentor to high achievers.

After graduating college with a finance degree during the Great Recession, she couldn’t find a job, so she decided to create her own.

The journey was not smooth and required LaTisha to cultivate what she calls a “stubborn belief” in manifestation – the concept that you can create the life of your dreams by directing your thoughts.

That belief led to her building a business that has generated a million dollars in revenue. 

That’s the story in a nutshell, but what backed the entire operation was her intense mindset work, manifesting, and the decision to design a lifestyle of her own creation. 

Before all of this -- before the business, the success, and the income -- LaTisha was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted.

  • She knew that she wanted to be able to have a real life with her family, not just days off and allotted vacation days
  • She knew she wanted an income that would support her desire to travel, participate in athletic competitions, and fund the level of lifestyle she desired.
  • She knew that she wanted a career where she would go to work every day feeling fulfilled and that she was really making an impact on people’s lives

She even knew the exact kind of man she wanted to spend her life with, and she LITERALLY manifested him!

[You can get the whole story in this YouTube video: How I Manifested My Husband.]

Her manifestation game has been on-point from the beginning, but at the time she claims really didn’t know what she was doing. All she knew was that she had a burning desire within her and she was going to do whatever it took to make her dreams a reality. 

However, there was a blip in the plan. The first time Tish went into entrepreneurship she actually had to go back to working in a corporate job until she could reassess her approach. This was a major turning point for her personally and in the way she would conduct her business style. 

It was a lesson of understanding the true meaning and power of mindset and inner work. LaTisha had always understood what she wanted and her direction, but it was the limiting beliefs and outside expectations and “norms” that were holding her back from that truly great idea that would launch her business forward. 

It was a mission of getting truly aligned with her purpose. She has been taking all the right steps and followed every business blueprint perfectly until this point, but there was a very specific ingredient that was missing. She was lacking the fire and the passion for what she was teaching, and how she wanted to serve her audience. With time and intentionally looking deep within herself, she shifted her views of business, shifted limiting beliefs, and stepped into a freedom she hadn’t known before. 

This also isn’t just a lifestyle she’s built for herself, but what she’s shown her clients and the world is possible. Tish knew that this dream was so important because it was so beyond her. If she was going to figure out how to run a successful company, and be blessed with the rewards, then she was going to teach others how to do the same. 

Official Bio

LaTisha Styles is a marketing expert and mentor to high-achievers. She helps entrepreneurs shift subconscious blocks, so they can raise their rates, and gain the confidence they need to create massive profit.

She is an Online Marketing Certified Professional®, Psych-K® Facilitator, and the Founder & CEO of You’ve Got Clients®. An avid creator, she produces content rich videos on marketing for service-based business owners. LaTisha is a wife, mother, left-handed Gemini, outgoing introvert, and fitness enthusiast.

Her work has been featured in notable publications including Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

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