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I am an experienced professional with 10+ years of experience offering outstanding communication strengths and success in engaging and qualifying B2B and B2C prospects in the online course industry.

As a branding and marketing consultant, I have personally built an audience of 88,000 followers, served 5,000+ students and clients, and created videos that have reached 1.5M viewers.

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  • Served as key team member in development of new client pipeline, resulting in 67% average closing rate.
  • Generated leads for B2B clients with a monthly Facebook/Instagram PPC budget of $10,000+ month. Decreased cost per lead by 20% in 3 months.
  • Pitched products and services to potential customers, securing new deals and sales opportunities averaging 60% cash collected.
  • Managed the execution of monthly email campaigns, averaging 85-106k sends per month, achieving a 98% deliverability rate and 37% open rate.
  • Supported clients with business analysis, documentation, and data modeling.
  • Developed video marketing assets and authored 400+ articles focusing on personal finance, career development, money management, and investing.
  • Optimized on-site and off-page SEO tactics, resulting in a notable 12.2 point increase in average website ranking within a 90-day period, and a rise in average click-through rates from 1.7% to 2.5% during the same duration.
  • Produced video and written content for Fortune 500 brands such as PNC Bank, Fidelity, Discover, and the National Association of Realtors to educate individuals on personal finance topics.
  • Led social media marketing campaign in collaboration with a consumer credit counseling agency, effectively engaging 1.4 million individuals through Twitter and Instagram.
Customers served! 970 +   students 
Customers served! 970 + hours of watch time
Customers served! 970 +   followers & Fans 

I doubled my rates - and booked 2 new clients

I came to LaTisha because I wanted the technical help. But I got more than I expected. LaTisha did a lot of mindset work with me and told me I needed to increase my rates. That was one of the first things I did and within three weeks of working with LaTisha I booked 2 clients at double the rate that I was charging before. That was big because I've worked with other coaches before and for whatever reason I just couldn't get past that mental block. There was something about the way LaTisha presented it and the process she gave me, I was able to do it, and it was easy. It was awesome!

Kelly J.

I feel so powerful!

I'm so excited to share that I actually manifested the EXACT position that I was Open to Receive! In just a few days. It has all the factors from my lavish life exercise. I feel so thankful and relieved and powerful...now I can FOCUS on prioritizing my vision, emptying my container even more and enjoying LaTisha's retreat!

Deborah P.

I started making daily sales!

Since working with LaTisha, I was able to identify a bad relationship holding me back from what I truly wanted. With her encouragement I released that relationship and just a few days later I met my now fiancé. We recently got married on the anniversary of our first date. I received so much more than the business lessons which are already super valuable. I joined her on the #RoyalRetreat and my course sales went from a few sales per month to a sale every day for several weeks before getting consistent for months now with sales every day or two. I can't wait to see what I can do with my business and manifest in my life next!

Kayla S.