britney inez rand“I have two sales funnels to attract clients automatically!”

From working with Tish, I accomplished more in 8 weeks than I did in 9 months. I’ve gotten two passive revenue streams created and systems to support them. We’ve developed a strategy in place to increase my online influence long beyond our time of working together. She was extremely helpful in identifying products and services that fulfill my target audience needs along with a price strategy that reflects my value. I finally have two sales funnels to help attract clients along with proven methods to fill them. Britney Inez Rand, Marketing Maven,

Let’s talk about you for a moment.

There’s something that’s holding you back from success.

You want a successful business…
You want to create your own lifestyle business…
You want to be able to travel when you want while still earning income from your business…

But something is not clicking.

And as much as you try to figure out what it is, for some reason, the answer has eluded you.

Guess what?

It’s not your fault.

You’ve been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

The reason that nothing has worked for you so far is because it was not created just for you.

Instead, it was created for the masses in order to generate thousands of sales without following up.

Today is the day all of that changes.

Today is the day you finally get the support you need.

No more one-size fits all approaches.

Each and every one of my coaching programs comes with personalized support from yours truly.

That’s right.

You actually get to work with me.

How can I do this without burning out?


I only work with those that are ready to put in the work.

That means you are action-oriented, results-driven, and you WILL NOT wait for permission to be great.

I’m going to support you as you create a thriving coaching and consulting business.

One that allows you to structure your day the way you want it.

One that allows you to gain more clients day in and day out.

One that allows you to give yourself the day off when you want.

My systems are rick solid, my strategy is unmatched, and my process just works.

Often, within 5 days of working with me, my clients gain more clients.


Here are just a few happy clients from my signature coaching program, 30 Days to Client Praise.

gain coaching clients

Will You Be the Next Success Story?

gain coaching clients
gain coaching clients

Will you be the next success story?
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testimonial 1“I gained 3 new clients!”

LaTisha helped me gain clarity in my business. Before working with her I had a hard time connecting my story to my services, but she helped me connect the two. She also gave me clear guidelines on what my next steps should be. Before, I felt scattered and my ideas and services were all over the place. She helped me narrow my focus.
I’ve gained 3 new clients since working with her and my website hasn’t even launched yet. She’s helped me go over the copy for my 5-day e-mail course and gave me great suggestions on what to add. Her feedback on what to include on my website was extremely beneficial, things that I hadn’t even thought to include on my own. I’m so glad I had her there to help guide me instead of stumbling in the dark on my own. LaTisha was my flashlight. Candice Marie, Graphic Designer,

kevin matthews“I made my entire investment back in one night!”

When I contacted LaTisha and decided to invest with her, I had a very clear monthly income goal. LaTisha created a strategy to help me eventually hit that goal, and we got to work. She was there every step of the way! Phone, email, Twitter, Facebook; she was always there to help me out.

During our time together I doubled my Periscope following, increased book sales by 30%, and grew my email subscribers from 0-77 in 30 days! Then she helped me launch my very first webinar and I gained 4 new clients! Not only did she help me raise my monthly income by 285% but I earned back my entire investment in one night!

Now I know exactly how to continue growing my business online.Kevin Matthews II, Financial Advisor,

Will you be the next success story?
Choose your starting point.

Group Business Coaching
One on One Business Coaching
Business Coaching Retreat