One-on-One Business Coaching

If your marketing looks like spaghetti…

If you have no idea where your next client is coming from…

If you’re spending time every day searching for your next client…

If you’re burning yourself out doing live stream after live stream with no results to show…

If you keep updating your website hoping that your branding will bring in more clients…

Yes, you have an idea of what success could be like, maybe you had a successful launch but the thought of doing that over and over just makes you feel tired.

You want a system for your business that can

launch for you.

lifestyle business coach

Isn’t the internet strong enough to do that?

How about being able to take the day off and still book clients?

What would you do with your days?

Would you actually enjoy all of the money that you’re making?

Would you go to the movies in the afternoon, plan a quick trip to your dream destination, or even grab those shoes you’ve been wanting for so long?

I can help you make all of that happen.

In just 8 weeks of working with me, my clients have been able to

book high-ticket clients,

eliminate money blocks,

and triple their rates, all while

creating systems that bring new clients

day in and day out.

Here’s what you get:

Project-based personalized one-on-one business coaching

5 one hour phone sessions

Unlimited email access

Supplemental business training sessions (no more tech holding you up) 

Just listen to what clients are saying about my 1:1 program.

What's been holding you back from greatness?

Is it fear?

Is it doubt?

How much quicker could you reach your goals if you had a mentor on your side that could see through all of that straight to your potential?

Would you finally reach those goals that you’ve been too scared to speak out loud?

I know exactly how you’re feeling right now.

In fact, before I built a thriving consulting and coaching business I was really frustrated with the level of success I had.

I had just left my full-time job and I took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. I was expecting to grow my blog to a full-time income.

At first things were going well.

I was enjoying the days off.

I loved the fact that I could wake up without an alarm clock.

But I didn’t have control over my income.

I was selling someone else’s product as an affiliate.

And one day, one of the programs that made up the bulk of my income closed the doors.

Just like that my monthly income dropped to about $500 a month.

I was devastated.

I had to make the tough decision to go back to a 9-5. Exactly where I did not want to be.

You see, I know what it’s like to feel like you’re a trapped in a cubicle.

I know what it’s like to feel like your creativity is being restricted.

Or what it feels like to have to ask permission to take a day off.

I knew that I had to create a business where I could control my income.

And 3 months later I put in my two weeks notice and booked my first client at $2500 per month.

Then I booked another client.

And another.

And just like that I hit my first five-figure month!

But I knew that I couldn’t keep chasing clients.

I had to create a system that would bring them to me.

I started testing and one of my systems brought in a client in 12 days.

Then another came in from a 6 day cycle.

I test my systems, I set them up, and then I spend my time doing what I love most, working with my clients.

My clients gain clients within the first 30 days of working with me.

Then I help them gain more clients on auto-pilot.

Ready to get started?


1.  Click through to complete the application and then on to choose a time for your breakthrough session.

2.  During the call I will determine if you are a good fit and if I can actually help you with my process.

3.  At the end of the call we will either begin our time together or we will determine it is not a good fit and part ways.

4.  Once you’ve enrolled, you will receive your client agreement via email.

5.  You will receive your welcome email and a special gift in the mail from me.

6.  You will book your first of 5 sessions. The initial kick-off call is where we will get very clear on your goals and set expectations and milestones.

7.  During the first call we will set the times for the remaining calls.

8.  All sessions are recorded and sent for you to download so you can keep them forever.

9.  Everything else happens via email

*This is a $10,000 investment.

LaTisha laptop_purple


Can I be honest with you?

I’m really tired of seeing people come to me AFTER they hired a rah-rah coach and didn’t get results.

They were drawn in by the beautiful pictures in Paris and completely missed the fine print (which should have said) after working with me I will guarantee you nothing.

I created this program to be completely opposite of those programs.

This is a project-based program.

That means we take your goals and map them out on an 8-week timeline.

Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Yes, you will get the mindset homework you need, and yes I will be there for accountability, but ultimately you will have a deliverable at the end of our time together.

That could be something like

  • A fully functioning sales funnel
  • A client gaining webinar
  • A Facebook ads strategy
  • A live stream process to book clients
  • An email sequence to book discovery sessions
  • …or any combination of the above.

And we’ll clean up any of the side projects that can fit during our time together.

While each program is customized to fit the client, this 8-week time frame works best for creating the repeatable systems so you can work smarter.

Because of the project-based nature of this program, I can only accept 2 new clients per month.

*This is a high-ticket program for clients who are high-achievers but lack systems.*

If you’re expecting miracles please do not apply

This is for you if you have an existing consulting or coaching business.

If you are not booking discovery sessions as often as you would like.

If you want to earn $5k-$10k on a consistent basis.

If you are action-oriented and results-driven (we hit the ground running).

*This is a $10,000 investment.