How I Make Sales

Using Instagram

For a long time I slept on Instagram.

It wasn't until about 2018 that I gave it the attention it really deserved.

I was at a conference and my mentor convinced me to start using Instagram stories.

Before then, my IG was wilting.

But once I got into it, I started seeing the results.

I shared my day, reposted quotes, and then one day I decided to talk about a program I was selling.

Then it happened...


I had made a sale.

Wait a minute. 

Where did this person come from? I hadn't even started promoting to my list yet.


They came from Instagram.

That was all I needed to see.

I started putting more focus there and Instagram has consistently been a way for me to make sales and connect with my audience.

I want you to feel the same excitement I had when I started making sales from Instagram.

That's why I've bundled up 3 of my best IG workshops and created the Making IG Sales Special Training Bundle.


Making IG Sales

Use Instagram to connect, engage, and make sales of your products, courses, and services!

What's Included...

How to Get Coaching Clients from Instagram

In this 60 minute workshop hosted with Instagram expert Eric Patrick you'll discover...

  • How to maximize your profile description
  • What type of content to share (including how to make it look good)
  • How to increase engagement
  • How to make immediate sales on Instagram

How I Make Sales Using IG Stories

This was a special training for my mastermind students that was previously not available! The bundle is the only way to get this 40 minute workshop.

  • I'll be sharing my screen as I walk through the process I use to create IG stories
  • what I say on stories and how I know what to share to keep people engaged
  • how I design my sales stories and create easy graphics right from my phone!

Instagram Ads Masterclass

During the masterclass I will show you exactly how to…

  • Set up your first IG ad
  • Put it in front of the right people - you'll learn how to target your perfect client
  • Create the eye catching image (or video)
  • Set up your dashboard so you can see if the ad is actually working

Plus you’ll be able to download the exact targeting that I use for clients to quickly get their ads up and running.

This special bundle is perfect if you want to start giving Instagram the attention it really deserves.

Yes, I'm in!

Want to speed up your results even more? Enroll as a VIP and get a private coaching call with LaTisha. During this call, you can get help recognizing the subconscious blocks specifically holding you back from creating exactly what you want in life and business.

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Meet Your Coach - LaTisha Styles

LaTisha Styles is a stubborn believer in the power of manifestation.

As a marketing consultant and success coach, she empowers her audience to create their own version of a lavish life through entrepreneurship, allowing them to set their own hours, serve perfect fit clients, as well as save, spend, and earn as much money as they desire.

She does this through transformational luxury retreats hosted in places like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; one-on-one coaching sessions, intimate group masterminds, and through on-demand courses & workshops.

Using her strategies, clients achieve results anywhere from booking their first clients, to generating $18,000 in 2 weeks, $15,500 in a month, $10,000 in 10 days, and even earning over a million dollars in 12 months with the “introvert-friendly” sales systems she has developed.

She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and on tv as a contributor to her local CBS affiliate.

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