Group Coaching

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There has to be more than this.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life

building someone else’s business.


I want to build something of my own.

I want to have a business I can work on

from home or while I travel.

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Does that sound familiar?

If it does then you’re in the right place.

Right now you might be searching for the answer,

for the ONE thing that you can do to create

your own stream of income.

I was on that same journey.

I graduated into the Great Recession and it took me 11 months to find a job.

So when I did finally get one, I was pretty excited.

But a few years into it, I started to feel the nudge of entrepreneurship.

Especially when I had to ask permission to take days off.

Or when I had to sit in meetings that always ran long.

Can you relate?

I wanted to figure out a way to start my own business.

I thought my blog would be my ticket out.

But after a few months with slowly declining income, I realized that it was not going to do it for me.

If you’re blogging right now, then you know how much work it is.

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Then, I thought, maybe

I’ll create my own

passive income product.

Is that what you want to do as well?

I’m going to be honest with you.

That’s not the fastest way to leave your 9-5 job.

I’m going to share with you the secret that I discovered.

And it’s exactly what allowed me to leave my job.

I gained my first high-ticket client on a monthly retainer at $2500 per month.

At the time I was taking home $2200 per month from my full time job.

Suddenly, it hit me, I just had to book more clients.

And I needed to keep booking high-ticket clients.

I put in my two weeks notice and starting gaining clients.

Now it’s your turn.

This is your chance.

Your chance to set your own hours.


Your chance to start going after your dreams.


But, you must take a skill that you currently have and offer it in a high-ticket package.

Imagine what YOUR life


would be like if you could…

  • create your own stream of income
  • choose exactly when you wake up without an annoying alarm clock
  • work with clients from all over the world
  • avoid that dreaded morning commute
  • never have to sit in on any boring meetings ever again

I want you to have the business and life
that you dream of having.

That’s exactly why I created my group coaching program
You’ve Got Clients.

I know exactly what it’s like to have your life changed after figuring out
how to consistently book high-ticket clients.

I want to help you do the same.

As a brand new coach I made
$51,526 in one year
and I want to show you how you can

create a five-figure coaching business

just by sharing a skill that you already have.

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Oh yeah, did I mention that

I didn’t start with an email list?


And that I had about 50 likes

on my Facebook page?


I’ll tell you exactly what I did

in this special presentation.

The System That Brought Me
$51,526 Worth Of Clients

…And How You Can Replicate It In 1 Hour Per Day
Without Wasting Money On Advertising
Even If You Don’t Have an Email List.