8 Steps to $8k

In this 8-part training series, you'll discover exactly what is required to hit your first $8k month.

What's the secret to reaching $8k per month?

I recorded this series right after I hit my first $5k month. I originally titled it 5 steps to 5k, then I booked another client at $3,333 and it seemed fitting to update the name.

Why $8k?

$8,333 per month is $100,000 in a year. 

If you want to grow your coaching business to six-figures then this series will help you get there.

Because it was recorded directly after I hit that goal, I was able to share exactly what I did and how I was feeling in that moment. Over the past few years, I've contemplated re-recording this series, but every time I stop.


Because now making $8k in a month is easy for me. And if I re-recorded the series, I might miss some of those distinctions I had when I first hit that goal.

So what is the secret of reaching $8k per month? 

What You'll Discover in this 8-Part Series:

4 key attitudes holding you back from success

In video 1, you'll discover the 4 key attitudes that I shifted in order to step into the $8k version of myself.

The ONE step to take today to get clients

In video 2, you'll discover the single most important step you can take today to get clients.

Creating offers NOT selling stuff

In videos 3 and 4, you'll discover how to create an offer to attract clients so you can effortlessly make sales.

The system to gain clients

In videos 5 - 8, you'll discover the simple system that I used to generate $5k a month. This is the same system that I've used from the start to generate multi-six figures in my business.

What Clients Are Saying:

kelly james headshot

Kelly J. Sales Coach

"I raised my rates and booked 5 new clients at my new higher rates."

kayla sloan virtual assistant

Kayla S. Systems Coach

"After working with LaTisha, I started making sales daily and many were choosing my top tier coaching package."

derthalie joseph

Derthalie J. Wellness Coach

"I learned how to raise my prices, created a new coaching offer and booked my very first clients!"

Yes, I'm in!

Want to speed up your results even more? Enroll as a VIP and get a private coaching call with LaTisha. During this call, you can get help recognizing the subconscious blocks specifically holding you back from creating exactly what you want in life and business.

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